My King Tut Obsession

I first stumbled across the story of Tutankhamen back in the 1960s in a Los Angeles bookstore.

His mystery captured me, this ‘unknown’ ruler, whose name had been deliberately erased and forgotten for three thousand years.

King Tut became the world’s first Superstar thousands of years after he lived and died. The only King of Egypt ever found with all his funeral regalia.

For years I pursued his story, tracking down rare tomes on Egyptian lore, eagerly devouring new archaeological texts, pondering the images of the artifacts from his tomb, and attempting to resolve the maze of conflicting theories fanatically propounded by academically esteemed Egyptologists and other scholars.

While I camped in the desert one spring and tried to figure out the plot for my novels about King Tut, four magical muses came to inspire me.

Can you imagine my thrill and the secret dread when the first comment of my first reader of my first draft of Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, was: “This is better than Harry Potter!” ?

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