John Dane III has spent years in the shipbuilding industry, where he has carved out a niche as a maker of top-of-the line sailing vessels.
Later this month, he is expected to step aboard one in a sports competition that will be as big as any he has faced in business.

Dane, the president and CEO of Trinity Yachts Inc., will be competing on the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team. It is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Dane, who has spent more than 40 years trying to land a spot on the team.

At 58, Dane will be the oldest member of this year's Olympic Team, as well as the oldest competing sailor. He will join sailing partner and son-in-law Austin Perry, 30, in the men's keelboat event. New Orleanian John Lovell, who has competed in three previous Olympics, will also compete in sailing at the Beijing games.
Another sailor on the US Olympic sailing Team has been named the Cosmopolitan Sexiest 2008 Olympian, Andrew Campbell. as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee's male athlete of the year.

You can send your support and Best Wishes to the US Olympic Sailing Team or individual members.

I'm wishing them all the luck, and know from their website that they are just going to have a blast! Hope you like the video of Dane and Sperry's Practice Sail.

René O'Deay

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