The Matrix is Real

Escaping the Matrix In the matrix world, the benefit was going to the periphery in the form of countless aid programs; in the real world, immense wealth was being extracted from the periphery.

The West became the collective core of a global empire, and exploitative development led to prosperity for Western populations, while generating immense riches for corporations, banks, and wealthy capital investors.

Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington, reported,"that democratic societies “cannot work” unless the citizenry is “passive.”
The “democratic surge of the 1960s” represented an “excess of democracy,” which must be reduced if governments are to carry out their traditional domestic and foreign policies."

Besides failing to deliver popular passivity, the policy of prosperity for Western populations had another downside, having to do with Japan’s economic success. Western capital needed to find a way to become more competitive on world markets, and Western prosperity was standing in the way.

If popular prosperity could be sacrificed, there were many obvious ways Western capital could be made more competitive. Production could be moved overseas to low-wage areas, allowing domestic unemployment to rise.

In reality there is only one significant political agenda these days: the maximisation of capital growth through the dismantling of society, the continuing implementation of neoliberalism, and the management of empire. Clinton’s liberal rhetoric and his playing around with health care and gay rights are not the result of liberal pressure. They are rather the means by which Clinton is sold to liberal voters, so that he can proceed with real business: getting NAFTA through Congress, promoting the WTO, giving away the public airwaves, justifying military interventions, and so forth. Issues of genuine importance are never raised in campaign politics – this is a major glitch in the matrix for those who have eyes to see it.

Too Much A vivid description of how Congress, the lobbyists and private equity funds have looted our economy and helped dismantle our society.

It never was about religion. Only about the money.

But what really happens when you kill the 'Golden Goose'?

Is your boss a psychopath?

I hope is not too late, to wake up America.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to SSGT Lawrence E. Dean II. (US Marine Staff Sergeant)

As Lawrence reveals in his eloquent poem to his Grandmother: "Freedom was never free."
"She Called!"

Thanks to Michele Malkin

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