"First Edition of my novel Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, will be out soon available online.
Sun Child, Prince of Egypt First Edition Book Cover Image-->

I designed a new book cover with my own graphics, photos and design (click on image to go to my blog for lightbox popup with the full size image):

Here's the link to our online eStore .

Hope you all like the new cover.

Can’t tell you just how thrilled we are to finally make it to print."
Tales of King Tut’s Blog : First Edition Sun Child, Prince of Egypt

René O’Deay, Tutankhamen and Paaten
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“These errors make us look either incompetent at credit analysis or like we sold our soul to the devil for revenue, or a little bit of both.”

A Moody’s managing director responding anonymously to an internal management survey, September 2007.

The housing mania was in full swing in 2005 when analysts at Moody’s Investors Service, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious credit-rating agency, were pressured to go back to the drawing board.

Moody’s, which judges the quality of debt that corporations and banks issue to raise money, had just graded a pool of securities underwritten by Countrywide Financial, the nation’s largest mortgage lender. But Countrywide complained that the assessment was too tough.

The next day, Moody’s changed its rating, even though no new and significant information had come to light, The Reckoning - Debt Watchdogs - Tamed or Caught Napping? - Series - NYTimes.com

All this, years after nationwide realtors, assessors and tax assessors began a campaign to consisently overvalue housing, for their own and tax base benefits.

Or haven't you noticed?

After reading the whole article, seems to me these guys at Moody's did sell their soul to the devil.

What's your take?

"Less than a month after a fireball meteor tore through Canadian skies, astronomer Christ Peterson of Cloudbait Observatory photographed a fireball near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In a posting to an astronomy discussion group, Peterson said:

Early this morning (2008.12.06 01:06 MST, 08:06 UT) I recorded what I believe is my brightest fireball ever. I'm currently estimating a magnitude of -18, some 100 times brighter than a full Moon. There appear to have been
some thin clouds, so it was probably even brighter. I don't yet know if it's on other cameras. The terminal explosion appears to be fairly close to Colorado Springs.

Peterson also posted a video of the fireball."

Space News Examiner: Fireball '100 times brighter than a full moon' explodes over Colorado courtesy of Patricia Phillips, Space News Examiner

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