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A Basiji from Iran, recently involved in the post-election abuse ordered by the Supreme Leader, has escaped to the UK, requesting refugee status.

This Basiji gave an anguished interview with the new World News Channel 4.

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A defecting member of the infamous Basij militia, the men who wounded and killed in the aftermath of the Iran elections in the summer, talks to Lindsey Hilsum about what he witnessed.

"I've lost my world and I've lost my religion" - the words of a former Iranian Basij militia member who says he witnessed killings and tried to stop rapes during the uprising that followed the disputed Presidential election in June.

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There are videos of the interview in Farsi, along with the translation. You can hear his anguish, even if you cannot understand the language.

Perhaps the most shocking is that pre-planning, premeditation of these crimes against the people of Iran by the present leaders of the regime.

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