I got the Joomla Blues

I got the Joomla blues.

My website Tales of King Tut, is so messed up.

What makes Tales of King Tut: Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, different from other novels?

This fascinating and tragic character captured the world’s imagination when his tomb in the Valley of the Kings was discovered in 1922 and still continues to entrance almost 100 years later.
 Ready to give up on that 'praised CMS'. The newest latest versions are even worse. So many options for just about everything, can't find the way to make it work easily.



cartouche-tut by reneodeay
cartouche-tut, a photo by reneodeay on Flickr.

Lord of the Many Forms of Re


Lotus by reneodeay
Lotus, a photo by reneodeay on Flickr.

Water Garden Lotus, New Orleans

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