Members of Dooda Desert Rock, the Navajo Protesters, Alice Gilmore, Elouise Brown, her son JC, her brother-in-law and her grandfather, Julius Gilmore, and the grandparents Alice and Julius who have lived their whole lives just down the hill from the proposed plant location. They would have to be relocated if the power plant is built.

Two other coal-burning power plants are also located within about ten miles, including the noxious Four Corners Plant, one of the largest coal-burning plants and the dirtiest polluters in the US that has operated without federal regulation since 1960.
The Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico emits 15 million tons of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and mercury, an established neuro-toxin. The plant's annual emissions of nitrogren oxide, (NOx), are higher than any other US coal plant, totaling 40,742 tons; this amount is equivalent to the emissions released from approximately two million vehicles driven an average of 15,000 miles per year. Emissions from this plant are so extraordinarily high due to a startling and unacceptable lack of regulation. Located on a Navajo reservation, neither tribal, state nor federal emission restrictions have been placed on the plant. In 1999 the EPA recognized the need for a federal implementation plan, or FIP, to set air pollution emission limits for the Four Corners plant. However, for the past seven years the EPA has failed to finalize this vital plan. Sierra Club report

Now these people who have put up with that all these years are having to deal with the threat of another one located in their backyard.

At stake is $50 million a year income for the Navajos and 400 possible permanent jobs.

To meet the country's growing demand for energy, there are about 150 new coal-burning power plants on the drawing board.

But not everyone is thrilled about relying on coal as a future energy source.

The list of proposed new coal plants is chilling. There could be one planned for your neighborhood!

Documents about the proposed new plants on GLRC Public Radio Website.

The biggest problem I see here, is that not one seems to be aware of the new process developed by Purdue University Scientists that could make converting coal to energy or fuel completely carbon dioxide free, and possibly free of other pollutants.

I wrote about it last March Biofuels BreakThrough

Purdue reports they are pursuing patents on the process and developing equipment and other processes to make the conversion commercially feasible.

More on the Navajo Power Plants at Voices from the Earth

"Locked within two cores of ancient ice is evidence of unprecedented swings in Earth's climate throughout the ages. These icy archives tell us that large, rapid, global change is more the norm for the Earth's climate than is stasis.
according to
R. Alley, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park;
P. Mayewski, University of New Hampshire, Durham;
D. Peel, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, England;
and B. Stauffer, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
in Earth in Space, Vol. 9, No. 2, October 1996, pp. 12-13. © 1996 American Geophysical Union. on the Twin Ice Cores From Greenland Reveal History of Climate Change and More !

So scientists have known about this for 9 years, that rapid large global climate change is normal over the aeons, not stasis.

Wait a minute! Maybe you don't know what stasis is.

It's not in the dictionary.

Wikipedia on Stasis, it refers to a state of 'hypersleep' or 'suspended animation,' both terms of science fiction! A Fictional term!

And this is what the fearmongers of Global Warming want to try to induce on our planet!
Stop Global Warming? And how do you think us puny humans are going to do that? I don't care how many of us try.

It's not going to happen and will undoubtedly cost trillions, and the lives of many deprived of the necessities of life us civilized countries have come to take for granted. Disinformation is Dangerous and Deadly

My World is So Surreal

My World is so surreal right now, I don't even know where to begin to describe
I started out researching and beginning to implement a marketing plan for my novel about King Tut.
The journey to today has been long and arduous, with not much in the way of results. A few more visitors, A bunch of SPAM.

Book Marketing

  • Research Target Markets
  • Create an authority or expert reputation and online presence:
  • Found out that best advertising or PR now is on the Internet
  • Found the Public Radio Exchange net
    • Post reviews
    • Comments on reviews
    • Gotten some good reactions, need to do more.
  • MySpace page for contacts
  • Post articles around on sites such as:
  • List Book on sites
  • Link up with Social Networks
  • Use Tagging sites
    • Furl
    • Technorati
  • Tried the Linking Train to generate more traffic and interested readers who will return. Really takes a lot of time and your only reward might be a couple new fans and an influx of spam and hackers.
Of all the social bookmarking options, Technorati takes the prize, even though it seems to have lost points recently.

Why? You can see all the newest posts from all the blogs you have faved, all on your technorati profile page without cluttering up your own sites with more feeds. Pick and chose what you want to visit, refer to, or quote.

LinkedIn is very powerful. Though I've noticed on the LinkedIn-related forums there's a lot of complaining and gossip, from guys yet. I have some interesting connections on LinkedIn, though I wonder if it will pan out for me as an author now in search of a super-agent, a publisher and a producer.

The other concept that I think is verified by all this effort is that "Content is indeed King!"

But, think Original Content. You will lose the interest of visitors if all you do is re-cycle and re-package content found elsewhere. Make your original content your LinkHook!.

Part of the problem is there is just so much! You get lost trying to find the original source and there is so much fracturing of ideas and stories. This is one of the most severe problems on a community news source site, like NowPublic, they don't get linked together. Twenty different people highlighting the same story, often with the same headlines (though sometimes the headlines are slightly altered), all from the same source.

It's like everybody's shouting about the same story and only the first one and the last get looked at by visitors or other member-reporters.

Why did I do reviews on the Public Radio Exchange? To make them aware of my existence. I did make some grateful friends there which I will continue to pursue.
Besides you get to listen to some good shows and features. Maybe One of them
will decide I'm interesting enough to do a show or interview on me and my novel.

After all this, I got a new Widget: the AutoRoll, And I found it from a MyBloglog-Buddy! This one might prove to be valuable as they promise to deliver qualified readers.

Qualified? Yes, those who share your interests. So Content again is key. What kind of readers or visitors do you really want? Decide that and you will be halfway to a decent marketing plan you can work with.

Enough Web Talk. I'm going back to the creative side and get on with the agent
queries, using my new-found tool Query-Tracker.


Widget, Wadjet Reports

So far, the best new widget was the Blidget. You can see it on MySpace site. See the link in sidebar.
Blidget site

NeoWorx NeoCounter, NeoEarth and NeoFlags are really cool looking. BUT will mess up your sites, with long-loading codes, and other vulnerabilities.

As you can see, my Tales of Tut Blog is BACK ONLINE!

Removed most of that code, except in one post. Which I cannot delete yet.

So I do Not recommend using NeoWorx scripts as pretty as they are.

And it is possible that those scripts messed up this blogger install also, since links disappear in my Safari browser.

Well, just an update for my visitors and fans, and a warning.
Even social bookmarking, networking can expose you to dangers, especially if you're on a pc, use Windows and/or use IExplorer browsers.

So, test your site when you add a widget or script. If it acts funny at all: Take it off right away.

And, meanwhile back at the ranch, I have to go try to fix up the damage done, instead of doing the fun part: creating new articles to post.

One more update: Be wary of not Logging Off!
Every time you leave a site that you have logged onto, you carry that info with you to the next site you visit. According to web security warnings, LOG OFF. Preserve the privacy of your emails, and even passwords, and the security of your websites and blogs.


Query Tracker - Free Literary Agent Query Tracking Tool:

Welcome to the grand opening of Query Tracker
A Free service which allows authors to find agents and track the status of their query submissions.

Patrick McDonald has just introduced a fabulous new online tool for authors in search of an agent! And it's free!

I just found it last night, joined, and started a search for agents to query about my novel, Sun Child, Prince of Egypt. I am so impressed with its versatility that I had to stop and share it with all my friends and visitors.

If you are an author in search of an agent, this is "Business at the Speed of Thought!"

Besides helping you find an agent who deals in your genre, there are links to their websites, tracking of your queries, more.

And as Patrick himself says in his intro:
Then the real power of this website hit me. With all this information, and with enough users on the site and contributing, we could take a lot of the guess work out of query writing. What if you could see samples of the last ten queries which a given agent had read and liked? What if every user posted his or her query letters, then linked them to the agent where they were sent and indicated what response, if any, the letter received? With this information it would be possible to see the types of queries the agent liked, and either modify your letter accordingly, or move on to a different agent who has shown interest in work like yours. Now, I felt I was on to something. I hadn’t been this excited since the first time I wrote, “The End.”

So, the more users the better for everyone. Information shared can help skyrocket the success of authors' queries.
Personally I'm thrilled. I was not looking forward to searching for an agent, but this tool will take much of the pain out of the effort.

Check it out, boys and girls, I think you will be as thrilled as I am.


One Way to Ruin a Career

Guy Kawasaki's recent post on his popular blog "How to Change the World" features an interview with Penelope Trunk, the author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. She is a career columnist at the Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance.

Of the 10 Questions Penelope answered, this one had deeper meaning for me than for Guy. Maybe because he is a man.

Question: Should I sue a boss who is sexually harassing me?

Answer: "In most cases, you will destroy your career if you report sexual harassment. So unless you are in physical danger, you should not report harassment. The laws governing sexual harassment don't protect women who report. The law protects companies from being sued by the women who report. Human resource professionals are trained to protect the company, not the woman who reports."

Talk about destroying your career!

I made the mistake of reporting sexual discrimination by one of my Journalism professors to my university. I thought at the time that since I was about to graduate it wouldn't affect me. I also was concerned about women students who would still have to deal with this issue.

Unfortunately I now believe that complaint followed me into the media world, and spoiled any chances of a career in journalism.

I guess you could call it a double-whammy. So I would advise you to think twice and more before filing a sexual harrassment or discrimination suit.

Read the rest of the interview on How to Change the World

For Authors & Publishers- The Sad Truth is:

For superstar authors, the publicity machine runs nonstop. Lesser-known writers hit the road and promote their own books. Never mind that they may have better things to do -- like write:

"Alas, the publishers of the estimated 55,000 books that come out every year in the United States must count on lesser-known authors to do more and more of the promoting of a book, from hiring publicists to setting up and paying for tours. Many publishers even expect authors to submit their marketing strategy as part of their proposal. For authors, finding readers for a book is often harder than writing it was." Super Star Authors
Many authors have taken to the internet, and besides creating their own websites, are blogging, posting articles on various sites, and using MySpace to promote themselves and their books.

One of my MySpace friends, Alison Mackie, is about to set off an a book tour herself to promote her fabulous novel, The Gypsy Chronicles, as she says:
"The Gypsy Chronicles is a bedtime story
for grownups and tonight, my friends,
the subject is Love!"

And all Alison's reviewers agree.
You can find her book on her Official Gypsy Chronicles Website.
Or at Amazon, and see the reviews:
The Gypsy Chronicles : The Gypsy Has Three Truths

But for Flamenco, authentic Gypsy music, go to Alison's MySpace where she will also be posting her book tour schedule.

Look for Alison and her Gypsy Caravan near you. Alison's Muse is miraculous and her promotional efforts with her romantic novel are sure to be entertaining.

Get on the Right Train

Here's an educational and helpful site for those trying to build sites that generate incomes.

WickedFire - Internet Marketing Affiliate Webmaster Forum

They are an irreverant bunch, so if you join, fair warning, don't be shocked or get insulted. Stick with the 'Newbie Board' until you get up to speed with these guys.
Some of the boards WickedFire features are: Traffic is supreme, Content is King, Affiliate Marketing, Design and Development.

I just found a couple of articles posted on their forum from Andy Hagans, about how to build a site to sell for a million dollars, and what Warren Buffet advises.
But the topper of that article was the last comment. I'll quote it:

1) Work harder (more hours)
2) Link bait (at least once a week; try out different things, tools, humor, awards, contests)
3) Explore new monetization methods (especially in lead gen); My favorite site sections are those where the ads ARE the content. (These also tend to be the most competitive niches–but if you really are an authority site, your overall domain weight should allow you to compete)
Build the $million site
Warren Buffet advises
My favorite Buffet quote of all time is a reminder that highly profitable industries can make average managers seem like geniuses, whereas industries with poor underlying economics can make even genius managers seem average (or worse).

“Managing your career is like investing–the degree of difficulty does not count. So you can save yourself money and pain by getting on the right train.” quoted Andy

Here's an interesting site where you can do all kinds of market research: Seeking Alpha
And investigate what the Long Tail is, especially for writers and artists.

Eric Savitz, Co-Founder of PayPal's new websites: They are Free, so how is he monetizing them?
Yelp a Review site

More on Link Baiting to Come.

"your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

-The Laughing Heart; Charles Bukowski"
matthom / The Laughing Heart

Thanks to the Yahoo Babel group for this inspiring poem from Charles Bukowski.

Cool observations from Croatia on probable success of new Ventures on the Web with Web 2 Tech.

Internet is going forward so fast it is extremely hard to catch up. Web 2.0 sites are growing around like mushrooms after the rain. Few years back there where just a few such sites but now there are so many of them that if I put every icon bellow this post, the footer will be half the page big. What is that telling us? Internet is growing, market is changing rapidly, and there are enthusiasts like Ricardo Galli who make such wonderful software for free for everyone to use. Entire new businesses can grow around such free software, great projects, marketing schemes. Now everyone with some guts can try to create Web 2.0 site and become the competition to the greatest in the business. And that is something I really love on the Internet.

Even those marketing gurus, how they like to call themselves, are pushed to their limits. Their ideas which lead them to the great income are becoming obsolete, so they write a book and sell it making more money in the process. At the same time they must find new ways to remain in their high chairs and new ways to make profit. After reading many of those “Earn with …” or “The best way to get money…” or something something books, I realized there are only few trick of the trade. It is quite simple really. So here is what I realized:

Heartening news for the new Marketers of the Internet.
See the rest of her article on:
Web2 Marketing News

Blog images codes

Blog images

Uh! Oh!

Just found out I have made a huge mistake, a mistake that is costing me plenty.

So I need a good laugh.

Guy Kawasaki posted a story this week about a friend who just released a book called The Big Curmudgeon: 2,500 Outrageously Irreverent Quotations from World-Class Grumps and Cantankerous Commentators.

For those of you interested in getting Curmudgeon laughs now there's an online site with subscriptions available for a 'Daily Dose' you can post on your site and a newsletter providing you five new quotes daily, "Curmudgeon-Online".
Troll through the Library. Some of the quotes are quite funny. You're bound to find some that will make you laugh.
An example:
"In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it." unknown author.

And how about this one on Guy Kawasaki?
The Widgetized Kawasaki

Be careful, if you click on the cartoon, it will take you to BLaugh, not Kawasaki.

Just to introduce myself, in case you're wondering. Here I am swinging on one of the huge live oaks at the Old Home Plantation on the River Road north of New Orleans last year.

This is the Old Home Place, built in 1790, and owned by the Kelly family since 1885. It has a new metal roof but the rest needs a lot of work. Still it is beautiful, with it's classic French Indies style and the wonderful huge live oaks. I'll be putting more River Road Plantation Photos in my album soon.

Old Home River Road Plantation

My sister and some of my friends say I am the bravest woman they know.
If I am brave, I don't feel it.
Well, not sure how personal I should get.

But have spent the last few months following advice from Book marketing sites,
on trying to establish an online presence.

Have created blogs, MySpace, websites, posted articles and interviews on Authors Den, eCafe, and EzineArticles, have reviewed programs for the Public Radio Exchange, joined social and business networks, enabled social bookmarking like Furl, Technorati,, MyBlogLog, and put up babelfish and google translators on my blogs.

My stats show a lot of visitors, but few bother to comment on my articles.

My Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) website:, is
very time-consuming and somewhat ineffective where Stores, Newsletters and downloads
are concerned. It is pretty.

My online album is not enabled to sell downloads yet, though I would like that to be enabled. when I do get it to work, digital downloads will be very cheap.
I do have a lot of pictures from New Orleans and the Rocky Mountains.

Here's a list of all my sites:

So What do you think? Too many?

Now List of where I placed article, Interviews and book listings:

  • Authors Den

  • eCafe

  • EzineArticles

  • PNX

"Great communicators know that the best way to inspire, motivate, and persuade others is to infuse a human element into discussions through the simple telling of stories, according to Annette Simmons.

Stories help people feel acknowledged, connected, and less alone. Your stories help them feel more alive. To realize the power of stories is both an incredible opportunity and an awesome responsibility. Filled with enlightening anecdotes and practical guidance, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins helps you to understand and use that power. You will be able to craft your own personal experiences into stories that will build consensus, win others over to your point of view, and enable better group decision making."

Telling the best stories may be why Author Caroline Smailes succeeded in getting published so quickly.

Author Annette Simmons lists some of the best ways to tell your stories:
  1. Who-I-Am Stories
  2. Teaching Stories
  3. Vision Stories
  4. Values-in-Action Stories
  5. I-Know-What-You-Are-Thinking Stories

Annette said that people are lost in an ocean of choices:
In this ocean of choice, a meaningful story can feel like a life preserver that tethers us to something safe and important—at the very least, to a trace of humanity that proves there is a "you" communicating with them, whether the "you" is yourself or an organization you represent.

The meaning is clear: get personal. Tell your story as if you were speaking to a new acquaintance or friend you haven't seen in a long time.

Annette's Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate with Power and Impact

Author Caroline's success story posted in the story below.
Caroline's own story of the trail to publishing.

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