Cool observations from Croatia on probable success of new Ventures on the Web with Web 2 Tech.

Internet is going forward so fast it is extremely hard to catch up. Web 2.0 sites are growing around like mushrooms after the rain. Few years back there where just a few such sites but now there are so many of them that if I put every icon bellow this post, the footer will be half the page big. What is that telling us? Internet is growing, market is changing rapidly, and there are enthusiasts like Ricardo Galli who make such wonderful software for free for everyone to use. Entire new businesses can grow around such free software, great projects, marketing schemes. Now everyone with some guts can try to create Web 2.0 site and become the competition to the greatest in the business. And that is something I really love on the Internet.

Even those marketing gurus, how they like to call themselves, are pushed to their limits. Their ideas which lead them to the great income are becoming obsolete, so they write a book and sell it making more money in the process. At the same time they must find new ways to remain in their high chairs and new ways to make profit. After reading many of those “Earn with …” or “The best way to get money…” or something something books, I realized there are only few trick of the trade. It is quite simple really. So here is what I realized:

Heartening news for the new Marketers of the Internet.
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