The Gypsy Chronicles Hits the Road

For Authors & Publishers- The Sad Truth is:

For superstar authors, the publicity machine runs nonstop. Lesser-known writers hit the road and promote their own books. Never mind that they may have better things to do -- like write:

"Alas, the publishers of the estimated 55,000 books that come out every year in the United States must count on lesser-known authors to do more and more of the promoting of a book, from hiring publicists to setting up and paying for tours. Many publishers even expect authors to submit their marketing strategy as part of their proposal. For authors, finding readers for a book is often harder than writing it was." Super Star Authors
Many authors have taken to the internet, and besides creating their own websites, are blogging, posting articles on various sites, and using MySpace to promote themselves and their books.

One of my MySpace friends, Alison Mackie, is about to set off an a book tour herself to promote her fabulous novel, The Gypsy Chronicles, as she says:
"The Gypsy Chronicles is a bedtime story
for grownups and tonight, my friends,
the subject is Love!"

And all Alison's reviewers agree.
You can find her book on her Official Gypsy Chronicles Website.
Or at Amazon, and see the reviews:
The Gypsy Chronicles : The Gypsy Has Three Truths

But for Flamenco, authentic Gypsy music, go to Alison's MySpace where she will also be posting her book tour schedule.

Look for Alison and her Gypsy Caravan near you. Alison's Muse is miraculous and her promotional efforts with her romantic novel are sure to be entertaining.


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