Widget, Wadjet Reports

So far, the best new widget was the Blidget. You can see it on MySpace site. See the link in sidebar.
Blidget site

NeoWorx NeoCounter, NeoEarth and NeoFlags are really cool looking. BUT will mess up your sites, with long-loading codes, and other vulnerabilities.

As you can see, my Tales of Tut Blog is BACK ONLINE!

Removed most of that code, except in one post. Which I cannot delete yet.

So I do Not recommend using NeoWorx scripts as pretty as they are.

And it is possible that those scripts messed up this blogger install also, since links disappear in my Safari browser.

Well, just an update for my visitors and fans, and a warning.
Even social bookmarking, networking can expose you to dangers, especially if you're on a pc, use Windows and/or use IExplorer browsers.

So, test your site when you add a widget or script. If it acts funny at all: Take it off right away.

And, meanwhile back at the ranch, I have to go try to fix up the damage done, instead of doing the fun part: creating new articles to post.

One more update: Be wary of not Logging Off!
Every time you leave a site that you have logged onto, you carry that info with you to the next site you visit. According to web security warnings, LOG OFF. Preserve the privacy of your emails, and even passwords, and the security of your websites and blogs.



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