My World is So Surreal

My World is so surreal right now, I don't even know where to begin to describe
I started out researching and beginning to implement a marketing plan for my novel about King Tut.
The journey to today has been long and arduous, with not much in the way of results. A few more visitors, A bunch of SPAM.

Book Marketing

  • Research Target Markets
  • Create an authority or expert reputation and online presence:
  • Found out that best advertising or PR now is on the Internet
  • Found the Public Radio Exchange net
    • Post reviews
    • Comments on reviews
    • Gotten some good reactions, need to do more.
  • MySpace page for contacts
  • Post articles around on sites such as:
  • List Book on sites
  • Link up with Social Networks
  • Use Tagging sites
    • Furl
    • Technorati
  • Tried the Linking Train to generate more traffic and interested readers who will return. Really takes a lot of time and your only reward might be a couple new fans and an influx of spam and hackers.
Of all the social bookmarking options, Technorati takes the prize, even though it seems to have lost points recently.

Why? You can see all the newest posts from all the blogs you have faved, all on your technorati profile page without cluttering up your own sites with more feeds. Pick and chose what you want to visit, refer to, or quote.

LinkedIn is very powerful. Though I've noticed on the LinkedIn-related forums there's a lot of complaining and gossip, from guys yet. I have some interesting connections on LinkedIn, though I wonder if it will pan out for me as an author now in search of a super-agent, a publisher and a producer.

The other concept that I think is verified by all this effort is that "Content is indeed King!"

But, think Original Content. You will lose the interest of visitors if all you do is re-cycle and re-package content found elsewhere. Make your original content your LinkHook!.

Part of the problem is there is just so much! You get lost trying to find the original source and there is so much fracturing of ideas and stories. This is one of the most severe problems on a community news source site, like NowPublic, they don't get linked together. Twenty different people highlighting the same story, often with the same headlines (though sometimes the headlines are slightly altered), all from the same source.

It's like everybody's shouting about the same story and only the first one and the last get looked at by visitors or other member-reporters.

Why did I do reviews on the Public Radio Exchange? To make them aware of my existence. I did make some grateful friends there which I will continue to pursue.
Besides you get to listen to some good shows and features. Maybe One of them
will decide I'm interesting enough to do a show or interview on me and my novel.

After all this, I got a new Widget: the AutoRoll, And I found it from a MyBloglog-Buddy! This one might prove to be valuable as they promise to deliver qualified readers.

Qualified? Yes, those who share your interests. So Content again is key. What kind of readers or visitors do you really want? Decide that and you will be halfway to a decent marketing plan you can work with.

Enough Web Talk. I'm going back to the creative side and get on with the agent
queries, using my new-found tool Query-Tracker.



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