Just to introduce myself, in case you're wondering. Here I am swinging on one of the huge live oaks at the Old Home Plantation on the River Road north of New Orleans last year.

This is the Old Home Place, built in 1790, and owned by the Kelly family since 1885. It has a new metal roof but the rest needs a lot of work. Still it is beautiful, with it's classic French Indies style and the wonderful huge live oaks. I'll be putting more River Road Plantation Photos in my album soon.

Old Home River Road Plantation

My sister and some of my friends say I am the bravest woman they know.
If I am brave, I don't feel it.
Well, not sure how personal I should get.

But have spent the last few months following advice from Book marketing sites,
on trying to establish an online presence.

Have created blogs, MySpace, websites, posted articles and interviews on Authors Den, eCafe, and EzineArticles, have reviewed programs for the Public Radio Exchange, joined social and business networks, enabled social bookmarking like Furl, Technorati, del.icio.us, MyBlogLog, and put up babelfish and google translators on my blogs.

My stats show a lot of visitors, but few bother to comment on my articles.

My Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) website: TalesOfKingTut.com, is
very time-consuming and somewhat ineffective where Stores, Newsletters and downloads
are concerned. It is pretty.

My online album is not enabled to sell downloads yet, though I would like that to be enabled. when I do get it to work, digital downloads will be very cheap.
I do have a lot of pictures from New Orleans and the Rocky Mountains.

Here's a list of all my sites:

So What do you think? Too many?

Now List of where I placed article, Interviews and book listings:

  • Authors Den

  • eCafe

  • EzineArticles

  • PNX


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