Get on the Right Train

Here's an educational and helpful site for those trying to build sites that generate incomes.

WickedFire - Internet Marketing Affiliate Webmaster Forum

They are an irreverant bunch, so if you join, fair warning, don't be shocked or get insulted. Stick with the 'Newbie Board' until you get up to speed with these guys.
Some of the boards WickedFire features are: Traffic is supreme, Content is King, Affiliate Marketing, Design and Development.

I just found a couple of articles posted on their forum from Andy Hagans, about how to build a site to sell for a million dollars, and what Warren Buffet advises.
But the topper of that article was the last comment. I'll quote it:

1) Work harder (more hours)
2) Link bait (at least once a week; try out different things, tools, humor, awards, contests)
3) Explore new monetization methods (especially in lead gen); My favorite site sections are those where the ads ARE the content. (These also tend to be the most competitive niches–but if you really are an authority site, your overall domain weight should allow you to compete)
Build the $million site
Warren Buffet advises
My favorite Buffet quote of all time is a reminder that highly profitable industries can make average managers seem like geniuses, whereas industries with poor underlying economics can make even genius managers seem average (or worse).

“Managing your career is like investing–the degree of difficulty does not count. So you can save yourself money and pain by getting on the right train.” quoted Andy

Here's an interesting site where you can do all kinds of market research: Seeking Alpha
And investigate what the Long Tail is, especially for writers and artists.

Eric Savitz, Co-Founder of PayPal's new websites: They are Free, so how is he monetizing them?
Yelp a Review site

More on Link Baiting to Come.


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