One Way to Ruin a Career

Guy Kawasaki's recent post on his popular blog "How to Change the World" features an interview with Penelope Trunk, the author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. She is a career columnist at the Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance.

Of the 10 Questions Penelope answered, this one had deeper meaning for me than for Guy. Maybe because he is a man.

Question: Should I sue a boss who is sexually harassing me?

Answer: "In most cases, you will destroy your career if you report sexual harassment. So unless you are in physical danger, you should not report harassment. The laws governing sexual harassment don't protect women who report. The law protects companies from being sued by the women who report. Human resource professionals are trained to protect the company, not the woman who reports."

Talk about destroying your career!

I made the mistake of reporting sexual discrimination by one of my Journalism professors to my university. I thought at the time that since I was about to graduate it wouldn't affect me. I also was concerned about women students who would still have to deal with this issue.

Unfortunately I now believe that complaint followed me into the media world, and spoiled any chances of a career in journalism.

I guess you could call it a double-whammy. So I would advise you to think twice and more before filing a sexual harrassment or discrimination suit.

Read the rest of the interview on How to Change the World


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