Query Tracker - Free Literary Agent Query Tracking Tool:

Welcome to the grand opening of Query Tracker
A Free service which allows authors to find agents and track the status of their query submissions.

Patrick McDonald has just introduced a fabulous new online tool for authors in search of an agent! And it's free!

I just found it last night, joined, and started a search for agents to query about my novel, Sun Child, Prince of Egypt. I am so impressed with its versatility that I had to stop and share it with all my friends and visitors.

If you are an author in search of an agent, this is "Business at the Speed of Thought!"

Besides helping you find an agent who deals in your genre, there are links to their websites, tracking of your queries, more.

And as Patrick himself says in his intro:
Then the real power of this website hit me. With all this information, and with enough users on the site and contributing, we could take a lot of the guess work out of query writing. What if you could see samples of the last ten queries which a given agent had read and liked? What if every user posted his or her query letters, then linked them to the agent where they were sent and indicated what response, if any, the letter received? With this information it would be possible to see the types of queries the agent liked, and either modify your letter accordingly, or move on to a different agent who has shown interest in work like yours. Now, I felt I was on to something. I hadn’t been this excited since the first time I wrote, “The End.”

So, the more users the better for everyone. Information shared can help skyrocket the success of authors' queries.
Personally I'm thrilled. I was not looking forward to searching for an agent, but this tool will take much of the pain out of the effort.

Check it out, boys and girls, I think you will be as thrilled as I am.



thank you for the link and the mybloglog add. I am not sure where to link with you but am following both blogs. good luck

May 20, 2007 at 7:25 PM  

Hi Rene
This is Patrick, maker of Query Tracker. Thank you for the great review. I am creating a 'testimonial' page and would like permission to quote you and include a link to your blog.

Thanks again

May 24, 2007 at 9:58 AM  

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