"Locked within two cores of ancient ice is evidence of unprecedented swings in Earth's climate throughout the ages. These icy archives tell us that large, rapid, global change is more the norm for the Earth's climate than is stasis.
according to
R. Alley, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park;
P. Mayewski, University of New Hampshire, Durham;
D. Peel, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, England;
and B. Stauffer, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
in Earth in Space, Vol. 9, No. 2, October 1996, pp. 12-13. © 1996 American Geophysical Union. on the Twin Ice Cores From Greenland Reveal History of Climate Change and More !

So scientists have known about this for 9 years, that rapid large global climate change is normal over the aeons, not stasis.

Wait a minute! Maybe you don't know what stasis is.

It's not in the dictionary.

Wikipedia on Stasis, it refers to a state of 'hypersleep' or 'suspended animation,' both terms of science fiction! A Fictional term!

And this is what the fearmongers of Global Warming want to try to induce on our planet!
Stop Global Warming? And how do you think us puny humans are going to do that? I don't care how many of us try.

It's not going to happen and will undoubtedly cost trillions, and the lives of many deprived of the necessities of life us civilized countries have come to take for granted. Disinformation is Dangerous and Deadly


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