In Search of Adam
Caroline has incredible journey to publication of her book "In Search of Adam".
She launched her website and a very personal blog in August, 2006, which got the attention of an editor of a new publisher, Fridays Project, from the UK not long after starting. Six Weeks?

And then! They offered her a contract! All this within a couple months!

Her book, In Search of Adam, is coming out in June 2007 in the U.K. Not only that but foreign rights are also being sold, just in: the newest, an Italian publisher: Newton Compton Editori, has bought the rights and will publish and translate in Italian.

Wow! What's her secret?

What did she use for keywords, site description, and how did she get readers/bloggers to comment?

Check out her site and her blog to follow her incredible success story: her blog


Hi and thank you.
When you find the answers to those fabulous questions, then please let me know. :) I am clinging on at the moment, enjoying it all, overwhelmed and a little bit terrified - but thankfully there are a lot of lovely bloggers out there giving support. Thank you so much for joining the search.
Caroline x

April 29, 2007 at 4:23 PM  

Caroline, Thanks for breaking the 'Cherry"

Your secret has to be your personal blogging style. Makes it too real, but makes you real too, not just another faceless blogger/writer.

I will take note.

April 29, 2007 at 8:28 PM  

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