What Slows Down Spam in Your Mail

Ever tried hiding your email addresses with codes or scripts.
Did it work? Not for me, until I figured out an 'evil trick' to play on the spammers and their harvesters.

Here's what I tried first:
One good script that doesn't quite work:
Hiding your email with javascript , by reconstructing the html code, as the coder said "adding this script to your page will not make a difference in whether your email is harvested", since they are now using your domain names to generate guesses on email boxes.

Heres one code from EmailObfuscator
<---a href="mailto:yourname@yoursite.com">yourname@yoursite.com<---/a---)
I have tried this it doesn't stop the spam. In fact I got more.
So you try this one : insert an email link on your spelled out email address: moreinfo at yoursite dot com more info at yoursite dot com and Substitute your email and site info.
Then test it. Check all your boxes, show all headers in the email you get.

Wow! This technique just generated More emails and more addresses for your boxes! You can also try the same text without adding the email link. Add just the text into the address line on your email composer to test it yourself, and send. The harvesters just copy the text into their email and there it goes. Try it you'll see.

Try this trick on the Spammers and their harvesters:

This little trick has now slowed my spam down to a trickle, and to just about none on some of the boxes that collected a lot, hundreds, of spam.

<---a href="mailto:dot%20com"--->moreinfo at yourwebsite dot com<--/a-->
When you insert the email link, edit the link by removing your site name from the html code, just leave "dot com" in it. moreinfo at yourwebsite dot com

If users really want to email you, they will copy the text and edit it.
Too much work?
Too bad. They did not really want to contact you.
And since this spam epidemic has reached worldwide, reasonable users will understand.

Don't believe me yet?
Try out the links to encoders on this site and test them throughly before installing on your websites.

on Spam
, definitions of Spam.

Sites with info on Spam:
Abuse net

This trick tip won't stop the Spam right away, but you should notice it slowing down.
Do let us know how it works for you.


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