Ramses Hair-Evidence of Cocaine?

An Egyptian archaeological delegation returned from France on Monday with remnants of hair and bandages from one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs that were nearly sold on the Internet."Stolen pharaoh's hair samples return home | NowPublic NewsFlash
An interesting side to that story is an extremely controversial mystery
that arose with the results of all that testing back then. Evidence of
both tobacco and cocaine, not just in the wrappings of the mummies, but
in the bodies and hair of these 3000+ years-old mummies.

A report from Colorado State University on the Evidence for
American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies

What's Up with the 'cocaine mummies'?

The resolution is still out on how these "New World" plants, tobacco and cocaine, could have been found in Ancient Egypt, as many dispute the possibility of trade between the two hemispheres at that time.

One researcher speculated that the tobacco she found might have been used in the ancient mummification process, and could have been from a now extinct variation of Tobacco plants that might have been grown in Africa.

One wonders what the results were from the lab these samples came from?


Have they ever found any evidence of these 'extinct' tobacco plants in Africa?

April 6, 2007 at 8:08 PM  

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