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The only people who learned anything from NBC's screening of the video and posting of the pix are the mentally ill and psychotic in our midst. They found that going out hunting humans for sport and crafting videos and a sicko manifesto in support can turn you into a media superstar. This is not a wise message for television to be transmitting, however unintentional. It positively lays the groundwork for emulation, and for the network to claim otherwise is simply insincere.

NBC was wholly complicit in the promotion of a serial murderer's agenda to the point that it essentially endorsed his nutzo materials as a virtual co-production. All that Cho lacked was the funding and distribution deal for his rambling blather, and NBC was kind enough to supply it free of charge.

It even made sure the peacock logo was on the video and photos for view when it was broadcast and/or published by others. Yes -- NBC News was careful to brand the equivalent of a snuff video!

Getting tired of the Media 'Flogging' a story to death?

Bloggers are posting their disgust over the Media frenzy with the Virginia Tech mass murderer's Press Package being broadcast and picked up by all.
From My Space
NBC is responsible for any copycat shooters out there. Here they are, the hipocrits who wont show the 9/11 videos, who talk about the " verbal violence" in the culture, rubbing their hands together in glee over the scoop they have in there sweatty little paws.

They could care less about the legacy they gave this guy and any future killers who are on the edge, waiting fr validation of this kind. It just seems to me that if they were truly responsible, they would have waited to air this till maybe later in the newscast. The execs love to profit off this kind of stuff and it MAKES ME SICK.

Another disgusted blogger:
Is it just me or does anyone else think that NBC were wrong to publish the sick portfolio that was sent to them by the Virginia Tech killer in the midst of his killing spree? Media Gone Too Far?

Police handling the investigation criticized the airing from Wednesday evening of the images and rants by Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 people and then himself at the sprawling campus in southwestern Virginia.

State police chief Steve Flaherty said victims' families and the Virginia Tech community had been badly struck not only by tragedy but by the intense media attention surrounding it.
"Once you've seen it, its repetition is little more than pornography once that first news cycle is passed," said Jeffrey Schneider, ABC News senior vice president.Gunman's video shocks families

There is a major-push back against the wall-to-wall airing of the video that the monster who went on a rampage at Virginia Tech sent to NBC. And at least one grieving couple who will have to bury their daughter has had enough. They are calling the media out on this.Is the Public finally Getting Sick of the Media?

Virginia Tech students are reacting with “disgust, anger, shock and fear” over the multimedia package that student gunman Seung-Hui mailed to NBC.

NBC News said the pack contained photos, 27 videos and an 1,800-word diatribe. Anyway, Doctoral student Ken Stanton, 29, said he is really getting sick of the killer’s airtime– while many of the victims, like his friend Jeremy Herbstritt, remained anonymous.

“I’m sick of it,” he said. It’s like you can’t get away from it — every time I walk by a TV, there it is.” Seriously. Enough of this dude’s sick, non-human face.Virginia Tech Students Sick of Killer's Airtime


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