"Less than a month after a fireball meteor tore through Canadian skies, astronomer Christ Peterson of Cloudbait Observatory photographed a fireball near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In a posting to an astronomy discussion group, Peterson said:

Early this morning (2008.12.06 01:06 MST, 08:06 UT) I recorded what I believe is my brightest fireball ever. I'm currently estimating a magnitude of -18, some 100 times brighter than a full Moon. There appear to have been
some thin clouds, so it was probably even brighter. I don't yet know if it's on other cameras. The terminal explosion appears to be fairly close to Colorado Springs.

Peterson also posted a video of the fireball."

Space News Examiner: Fireball '100 times brighter than a full moon' explodes over Colorado courtesy of Patricia Phillips, Space News Examiner


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