EVOlution- an Unfair Advantage

You can check it out, but I no longer belong or recommend this program.
It is just another MLM, where I hear the directors drive $200k cars, and if you join, you won't.

Now the largest UK lottery syndicate in the UK, the Virtual World Direct (VWD) eLottery Syndicate, brings you a new way to play online games and earn money through social networking. The program called -->evo is in it's pre-launch phase, "Project Eplay."

I invite you to sign up for free now and get in on the beginning of this 'New Wave.' Launch is scheduled for July 15.

Not sure how this works, as I have never done any online gambling or very much online gaming. But it looks like it might be fun, and if it pays off. Well!

I might have to create a new site just for games.

Do be sure to let us all know what you think of this new App and how you're doing if you do sign up.

Got the invite from my new friend on -->MySpace. As she said in her bulletin: 'It was W.C. Fields who once said, “All I ask is for an unfair advantage.” ', -->the Bookwise gal

And what about those Spring Widgets? What do you think of those?

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