Best way to control the price of a highly desired product is to claim it is scarce.

Scientists have known for many years that oil is not a fossil fuel. Recent reports have revealed that.

The Peak Oil Deception: Squeezing Energy for Profit

While energy needs are set to grow inexorably for the next decades, production of hydrocarbon fuels is being throttled down to a trickle. The resulting shortage finds us - the consumers of energy - at a distinct disadvantage. We are paying the price for not paying attention.

The Peak Oil scenario was first announced in 1956 by a petroleum geologist - M. King Hubbert - who was at the time working for the Shell Oil company. Hubbert's prediction was that oil production would peak in the US between 1965 and 1970 and that internationally, the peak of production would be reached around the year 2000. Hubbert's peak, as the inexorable winding down of oil production has also been named, is universally recognized as a threatening reality, but is the theory based on actual physical principles?

Peak Oil artificial?

My argument is that there is no actual physical shortage of

hydrocarbons. There is indeed a drop in oil extraction, but it seems

that this is more a forced reduction of output, rather than a

consequence of having exhausted liquid hydrocarbons as a resource.

Google: "oil not a fossil fuel"

Oil Geopolitics

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Truth will Set you Free?

I don't know about that, we are locked into our suppliers and this government and the war they started to control Iraq's oil. The control is succeeding, it is practically shut down.

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