Attack on Coptic Monastary in Egypt

CAIRO: Pope Shenouda III, head of the Coptic Church, called for heavy security presence around the Upper Egyptian Abo Fana monastery during a phone-in on Channel 2’s El Beit Beitak show on Saturday.

The Pope also accused the Arab tribes living in the area of stealing LE 1 million worth of precious belongings from the monastery, adding that the cause of the clashes was not a land dispute.

“It was a criminal act perpetrated by criminals,” he said.

The Pope also condemned the kidnap and torture of two monks, who, the Pope alleged were asked to renounce their faith.

“The attacks began 150 meters away from the monastery, and they got closer and closer until they were next to the monastery where the monks were kidnapped and violently tortured. They were pressured to renounce their religion by spitting on the cross. When they refused, they were beaten.

They were then asked to declare the Islamic shahada [There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is his Prophet] and when they refused, they beat them again,” said the Pope.


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