"Unfortunately, WD-40 won't help you here.

Your broadband connection screams compared with the dial-up days of yore, but it could be faster. These days, your internet connection can't be fast enough. That is why we're here — to show you the way to a faster internet connection by tweaking the hardware and software you're using.

There are a potentially infinite number of switches and gateways between you and the web. The trick to speeding up your connection is finding the shortcuts and only downloading the data you want, leaving behind the tacked-on cruft that's gumming up your web experience.


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  1. Use a Router
  2. OpenDNS
  3. Turn Media Off
    • Add-Ons and Plug-Ins
  4. Basic HTML Will Always be Faster
  5. Turn Off Virus Protection and Firewalls (Only if 100% certain you can handle the evils of the internet single-handedly)
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