IRAN- Protests in Kashan University Part 2

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uploaded by René

IRAN- Protests in Kashan University Part 2

This video is amazing (uploaded July 3). The song translation from Saaed on his blog Revolutionary Road:

They form chains and sing ``Yare dabestani``, ``my fellow schoolmate`` a classic revolutionary song that every Iranian around knows by heart.

(rough translation)

My schoolmate
You're with me and going along with me
The alphabet stick is above our heads
You're my spite and my woe
Our names have been carved
On the body of this blackboard
The stick of injustice and tyranny
Still remains on our body

This uncivilized plain of ours
Is covered with weeds
Good, if good
Bad, if bad
Dead is the hearts of its people
My hand and yours
Should tear up these curtains
Who can, except you and I
Cure our pain?

Kashan lies south of Tehran, a major oasis with 2 universities. Kashan University website is offline.

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