I'm so pleased to announce that I've been accepted as an Expert Author on EzineArticle.com, one of the largest expert article writing, marketing & publishing communities, with over 1 million visitors per month, bringing writers and ezine publishers together, with a searchable database of over 200,000+ quality original articles.

My First Two Book Reviews with three of my favorite authors:

"Alafair Burke: Close Case, Third Samantha Kincaid Crime Novel, A Journey Inside the Justice System -" - has been accepted and added to the EzineArticles.com directory: Featured Book Review

"Ill Met By Moonlight - Historical Fantasy By Mercedes Lackey And Roberta Gellis" - Featured Book Review

I've got a few more books lined up for some Quick Read reviews to post on EzineArticles.com. I keep you updated.
I've included my link banner to EzineArticles.com in the sidebar.

Close Case (Samantha Kincaid) on Amazon.


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