Last Photographer Standing - sponsored and powered by SmugMug.
Got Digital? Here's the details:

Photo Contests Re-imagined.
Forget what you know about old skool photo challenges. We've made them obsolete. Get ready for the most compelling photographic contest ever devised!
Your work seen by millions.
Knockout competition.
Huge Cash Prizes.

Photo Contest : Starting on March 5th, 2007 - DigitalGrin Presents the Last Photographer Standing Photo Contest. With over $25,000 (USD) in prizes, this is going to change the face of photography contests! Read all the details on the forum.
Your work seen by millions.

Every two weeks, your goal is to become one of the 50 qualifiers to compete in the semifinals. The public will decide if you'll compete against 40 others, who think they can beat you for the Grand Prize. Will you be The Last Photographer Standing?
Powered by SmugMug an incredible online Photo Gallery, for everyone. Professionals especially will love it!

Take a look at Andy's professional website and you will see what I mean: MoonRiverPhotography.

"Smugmug is like a new religion to me," testified one new user. "Smug Mug is the best photo sharing site I've seen."

Although the site requires a paid subscription, the basic fee is is only $39.95 a year, that's only $3.33 per month. With No Ads Ever! Users do not have to register to view your photos, easy to share, download, purchase prints.

You can try it out for free. SmugMug also provides a great array of tutorials and tools to provide great photos both online and print. Take the tour.

These people are passionate, and you can tell. I'm already convinced and will be trying it out later today.

The first round opened on March 5, and there's still time to enter. There are three more rounds scheduled, before the semi-finals. You do need a digital camera, and photos have to be taken within a two week period with the EXIF details added.

Got digital? Get in on it now!


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