Amazon Sales Rank Express ~ Web Widget
"What It Is The S.R.E. Web Widget adds a small portion of the power of Sales Rank Express to your own blog or Web site. It will show your visitors the current Amazon sales rank, customer rating, and other info for one or more books, CDs, DVDs, or anything else, on or any other Amazon site worldwide. Also included is a link to the item’s page on that site, which can include your Amazon affiliate ID for commissioned sales.
Example appears below.
The widget is designed for safety and efficiency. It will not delay or slow down the loading of the rest of your page, even if a temporary glitch or other problem makes the widget fail. It will not compromise the security of your page with active code. And it can be installed by anyone with the slightest familiarity with HTML. "
The SRE Widget!

Sales Rank

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Sales Rank Express

Get your SRE Widget here from Andy:
Sales Rank Express ~ Web Widget

This is an Amazing Amazon widget, which could be very useful and time-saving for Authors.

I think you can do a little tweaking to get it to match your site.
Thanks to Dorothy at the WritersLife for the heads up.



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