Don't believe everything you see and hear in documentaries produced by Discovery and National Geographic.

Recent documentaries have Dr. Zawi Hawass stating that the mother of King Tut was an obscure Queen called Kia, and his father was Akhenaten.

In reality, archaeologists and Egyptologists have no idea who his mother and father were. There are just no hard facts to support anyone's theories, and that's just what they are: Theories!

Hawass has an unfair advantage to push his theories as fact, his position as the 'Czar' of Egyptology, the Supreme Head of Egyptian Archaeology, all the documentaries he now stars in and profits from, as well as his books that accompany the hugely popular tour of Tutankhamen's Treasures.

Even the reknown Dr. Kent Weeks, head of the Theban Mapping Project, says they have no facts to support any theory about Tut's parents.

So many of these documentaries come out with the host or author claiming to 'know' for fact,when they don't, or with so many fallacies about known facts, it is amazing. And I really get disgusted.

My novel, Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, supports one possible theory about Tut's parents, but it is a novel, and I have that right. It is not an impossible theory, in fact some respected and accredited Egyptologists share the same theory.

So how much truth do you think is in this video about Howard Carter and the Discovery of the Tomb of King Tut?

Do chime in and let me know what your views are.



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