And it rained, and it rained! Up to 8 inches in some areas.
Some areas experienced major flooding, with cars floating down the stre
Do see the Times-Picayune front page to view photos of street flooding and of the JazzFest.

Billy Joel's singing in the rain - Keith Spera - Times-Picayune - "As Billy Joel plowed through 'Keeping the Faith' at the Acura Stage, a roadie armed with a squeegee swept standing water off the top of the black grand piano.

That tells you all you need to know about the weather Saturday evening at the Fair Grounds. A hard, steady rain fell throughout Joel's set. 'Why, God, why?' shouted a guy standing in the puddle behind me.

Joel, too, had some questions for the Almighty. More than once, he shook his fist and glared at the foreboding sky. 'Is that the best you got?' he shouted at one point. 'C'mon, bring it on.'"

Maybe that was the wrong thing to say, as the rain came down even harder.

More Thunderstorms predicted for Sunday, though it is partly sunny this A.M.
Hopefully the forecast will be better for next weekend's four-day event at JazzFest. Hopefully I will be going on one of those days.

René O'Deay


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