I Saw the Flame in New Orleans!

I saw the Olympic Flame in New Orleans. The runners came into Jackson Square back in 1996 just before the Atlanta games. We could see the runners. IT WAS SO THRILLING!

But watching on CNN the Olympic Flame Relay event in San Francisco, I am highly distressed. They changed the route, they changed the whole event, so all the people who came to see the Relay are being disappointed. It looked like a Police State event. There are so many police and guards around the runners, no one can see the Flame.

Does China own San Francisco, its police and SWAT teams? And what about the so-called 'American-Chinese'? Are they loyal to America or to China?

And, China? How could they have been so naive? They asked for it all when they asked to host the Olympics. Do they really want to reveal who really they are?

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