New Orleans JazzFest is Here!

New Orleans is ready for JazzFest, starting this Friday. Two weekends, seven whole days, of music, food, beer, and fans.

JazzFest website has all the schedules, news, tickets, etc.

Some of the musical greats coming include: Robert Plant, Jimmy Buffett, Sheyrl Crow, Billy Joel, Count Basie's Orchestra, and Egg Yolk Jubilee. The Gambit has an interesting roundup this week of the artists and what stage they will appear on.

Chris Rose has a plan for Jazzfest, but will he stick to it?

Chris Rose: The man with a Jazzfest plan

I've studied the positions. I've researched everything. I've talked with friends and others whose opinions I respect.

I want to make an informed decision. I want to make the right choice. It's important. You only get one chance at this thing.

The presidential election? Humbug. What I'm talking about is much more important than that.

New Orleans JazzFest is Coming! Jazzfest 2006



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