Combine an enjoyable visit to New Orleans with some 'Fact-Finding' of your own: all about the Middle East direct from each country.

"Unless Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is making a visit, the Middle East gets scant coverage in the nightly news. Here's your chance to explore the many nations, cultures and conflicts of the region in more than one- and two-minute segments. Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center presents the New Orleans Middle East Film Festival with 60 films screening over 10 days. The movies offer fresh perspectives on countries that are often overshadowed by conflict, and the goal, says Zeitgeist director Rene Broussard, is to provide people with a new understanding of the cultures. The festival includes films from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, including the Oscar-nominated Israeli film Beaufort."Gambit Weekly : Middle East Film Festival : July 29, 2008:

Rene Broussard and the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center presents New Orleans Middle East film Festival, with ticket information, festival and film schedule, and each film's description, country of origin and preview photos.

Broussard provides an eclectic experience at the center, with an unusual, exotic collection of snacks and beverages, including Ben & Jerry treats.

Looks like fun, just to explore the website is fun.
Check it out.

René O'Deay


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