This election campaign occurs at a unique moment in public communications. Economic forces have undermined commercial media and ravaged newspaper and television network newsrooms, silencing a generation of reporters and experts. And instant communication has created a blizzard of opinion and attitude posing as factual information. the information age, citizens must learn the tools of traditional journalism. It’s called news literacy, and it means that you learn to be your own reporter or editor. If you practice some of the skills that are the foundation of journalism, you can cut through much of the chatter and chaff and obtain useful, solid information. News literacy for the public is a concept developed by Dean Howard Schneider at the State University of New York’s journalism school at Stony Brook.

Differentiate among news, opinion and advertising. As Stony Brook professor Jim Klurfeld says, “Evaluate sources. Evaluate sources. Evaluate sources.”

There’s a difference between evidence and inference, between solid information and junk. ..... But as a responsible citizen in the information age, your task is more difficult—and more important.

So. Are you a responsible reporter? ... here on NowPublic?

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